Just as Singapore is the established trading hub for South East Asia, Dubai continues to develop as the strategic trading hub for the Middle East.

It is a key business destination for anyone in exporting, and its location not only provides access to the Middle East it is also a gateway to the Sub Continent and onto Europe.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, Dubai is an increasingly important link to these markets and is very well set up for business travellers.

I just came back from a recent business trip and there is still a lot of activity happening in Dubai. While it is nothing like the level of five or so years ago, when you couldn’t even begin to count the number of cranes on its skyline, there is still a lot of new development underway and it is still a very busy place compared to most other countries.

The hotels are amazing, the restaurants are great and the shopping is fantastic. Dubai’s ever-developing tourism industry also means there are lots of attractions to keep you entertained, even if just on a short business trip or stopover.

From visiting the landmark Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, to the surprisingly good beaches and a 4WD trip out into the dessert. The impressive Ferrari World theme park is also just up the road in Abu Dhabi.

And yes, camel milk is very good for you so give it a try.