Italy, Italy, Italy… what can I say?

It has a fantastic culture, the food and wine is amazing, and the Italian people are very passionate about life. What’s not to love about it?

It doesn’t matter where you go in Italy, it is a fabulous place to visit and the people will make you feel very welcome and help you embrace the Italian way of life.

We recently stayed in Bologna, a largely industrial city in the north, but still with its own great culture and atmosphere. Like most parts of Italy, it has its own great wine district and the legendary Italian horsepower attractions of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati are also just up the road and easy to visit.

The passion of the Italian people for the beautiful things in life is impossible to resist, making it an unforgettable holiday destination. For someone like me who is gluten and dairy free, getting something for breakfast over there can be ridiculous.

Someone should open a breakfast place over there that offers something other than bread and milk products, and also doesn’t charge triple the price to have a sit down coffee rather than standing or takeaway.

But that is their unique culture, just the way it is, and what makes it such a wonderful place.

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